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adapted from the classic Sherlock Holmes novel.

Not only is Sherlock Holmes in the public domain and features in some of my favorite films (The Seven Percent Solution jumps to mind), but he is also some of my favorite reading material from Junior High School. This particular story bridges my fondness for the fantastic with my love of good, old logical Sherlock. I am adapting this for a Zoom-reading and getting it ready for a Feburary performance!

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Coming in early Summer

"So glad to have this opportunity to work with N8 Presents to bring you a Zoom reading of“The Petrified Forest”! In 2021, when I wasn’t screaming into a pillow, barreling ever-downward into the depths of covid despair, I watched a bunch of pre-Code film adaptations of stage plays, “The Petrified Forest” being my absolute favorite. An escaped bank robber and his posse holed up at a sad diner in the Arizona desert, where a literary hobo and a waitress with worldly dreams fall in love? What is there not to like about that scenario? If you think old plays are dull and passe, join us, Tracy Baxter, girl Zoom director, and Nathan Bogner, the Ed Wood of local theater, for “The Petrified Forest”!"--Tracy Baxter

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